A Maasai woman collects water from a communal tap. Photo: AFP

Food and water insecurity have saddled Africa with a risk tantamount to a pandemic, but the COVID-19 shock has made the threat even more and immediate. Water scarcities and poor sanitation services, food insecurities and starvation plagued Africa prior to COVID-19, partly caused by meagre water investments and a stunted green revolution. Climate change, exacerbating food insecurity and water scarcity, now pose an enormous threat to regions across the continent, including southern Africa, the Sahel and the Horn of Africa.

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Derick Mazarura

Derick Mazarura is an energy, agriculture and infrastructure fellow, as well as a self-taught writer, screenwriter, film and TV producer and director. He is interested in the change process in Africa, and giving voice to the voiceless, marginalised and the disadvantaged.