WATCH: Maroleng testifying before the US House of Repsentatives Africa sub-committe

Good Governance Africa International Chief Executive Officer Chris Maroleng addresses the United States House of...

Maroleng makes strategic recommendations to the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs

MEDIA STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON - Chris Maroleng, International Chief Executive Officer of Good...

Reconciling interests and values in an era of great power competition

The world is entering a new era of great power competition. Renewed, and emerging rivalries between major...

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The wild cost of oil exploration: Operation Shell

The wild cost of oil exploration: Operation Shell

​Recent significant oil and gas discoveries seen in the Karoo Basin and the Wild Coast of South Africa have sparked a national debate that raised questions about climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the potential negative impact on local ecologies and...

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Eswatini Elections Weekly Tracker

Eswatini Elections Weekly Tracker

SADC deploys Electoral Observation Mission On 19 September 2023, the President of the Republic of Zambia, and Chairperson of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation announced that SADC will deploy its...

Eswatini in 2023: A data overview

Eswatini in 2023: A data overview

On Friday 29 September 2023, the Kingdom of Eswatini will hold its next general elections. A landlocked country in Southern Africa, Eswatini reports a total population of approximately 1.2 million – the second smallest of any non-Island African nation. Ahead of the...

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COP26: What should be at the top of Africa’s agenda?

In November, the United Kingdom will host the 26th annual United Nations (UN) global climate summit – called COP – or “Conference of the Parties” in Glasgow. COP26 (delayed by a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic) has a unique urgency and could prove to be one of the most important conferences of our time. Most experts agree that the…


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Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections: Who votes and why?

Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections: Who votes and why?

Zimbabwe is preparing for its 23 August 2023 Harmonised Elections. It does so against the backdrop of a complex past, where the struggle for democracy and inclusivity has been marred by political instability, hardships, lack of meaningful electoral reforms, and a...

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