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Spoils of war

Côte d’Ivoire: war crimes and elections Victor’s justice is unavoidable in post-election conflict By Brian Klaas Elections should bring peace, not war. But for the last 15 years, whenever voters in...

Crime and politics

Sudan: playing the anti-Western card Omar al-Bashir uses the ICC indictment to boost his ratings at home and abroad By James Copnall The International Criminal Court (ICC) charges against Sudan’s...

Cross-border justice

Senegal: universal jurisdiction Could an emerging legal principle for crimes against humanity make Dakar “The Hague of Africa”? By Celeste Hicks The trial of Hissène Habré, Chad’s former tyrannical...

International crimes at home

International crimes at home

Uganda: justice in transition This east African nation is ready for its first war crimes trial By Mark Schenkel Thomas Kwoyelo is the first person to face trial in Uganda for crimes he allegedly...

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